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Paint Chip Repair

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Colorado PDR offers top quality paint chip repair to prevent rust and restore the look of your vehicle’s exterior.

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Many different factors cause a vehicle’s paint to chip. The risk of leaving it unrepaired is more extensive damage. Don’t take the risk. Instead, invest in paint chip repair from Colorado PDR.

Common Causes of Auto Body Chipped Paint

  • Rocks or stones
  • Weather damage
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Impact damage
  • Bird droppings
  • Road construction
  • More

Colorado PDR provides same day service for paint chip repair. We make it affordable and easy to keep your vehicle in top shape and looking great.

In addition to individual vehicle owners, we also offer paint chip repairs to commercial customers. This includes: dealerships, auto auctions, rental car fleets and more.

What is Vehicle Paint Chip Repair?2020-05-18T22:51:09-06:00

Paint chip repair for your vehicle involves repairing and sometimes refinishing the chipped area of the paint using specialized tools to make the repair. With paint chip repair, we prioritize minimizing the need for repainting your vehicle.

We aim to restore your vehicle’s original factory finish. We focus cracked paint repair on the isolated area of the chip. In fact, we consider paint chip repair a SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair.

When needed, we use our on-site paint booth to correct paint issues on the affected vehicle panels. When addressed early, paint chip repair offers an affordable and quick method to repair chip damage on your vehicle.

Rock Chip Repair Benefits2020-05-18T22:52:23-06:00

Rock chips are one of the most common types of paint chip damage in Colorado. Much like when a rock hits your windshield and causes a chip, the same occurs on the body of the vehicle. 

Most rock chips cause minimal damage. Yet, if left unaddressed, the area may rust or the chipped area may become larger. Just like repairing a chipped windshield prevents further spread of the crack, paint chip repair saves trouble and money in the long run.

Avoid Rust Damage with Paint Chip Repair2020-05-18T22:53:38-06:00

Once rust spreads on your vehicle’s exterior, the cost for repairs increase dramatically. In fact, it may lead to extensive auto body damage, including an expensive new paint job. Not only that, but rust causes your vehicle to appear unsightly and reduces the value.

When you take care of a paint chip quickly, you can avoid rust damage all together. This keeps the repair process at a lower cost. Don’t let paint chips shorten the life of your vehicle. Contact Colorado PDR for paint chip repair.

Colorado’s Trusted Paint Chip Repair Service2020-05-18T22:55:41-06:00

Colorado PDR has served the Denver area for over 15 years. We understand how harsh Colorado weather impacts vehicles. This includes paint chip damage. 

We offer trusted service that both private and commercial customers have come to rely on. We built a reputation for a fair price, quick service and solid results. Whether you need paint chip repairs or hail damage PDR, we are here to help.

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